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Bookkeeping Client Testimonials

"My dedicated AnswerSmart Bookkeeping Services manager is exceptional. They spent the time to really learn my business and now working with her is effortless. I work with her on a daily basis and call her at all hours - and yet she always stays within my budget. She is a better trained more experienced bookkeeper than I could ever have afforded to have in-house. A great bookkeeper is a very rare thing and I will be working with AnswerSmart for a long long time to come! "
- Mary Warren, Tampa Bay, FL


"I am ecstatic about the level of brain power and service I'm getting from AnswerSmart bookkeeping services. They consistently exceed my expectations with their diligence and reliability. And the team that backs them up is great too. I also love the digital document library. I used to be drowning in paper - but now I only have on my desk what I need to grow the business, not bills, invoices and receipts. "
- Stephen Doherty, NYC, NY

  We Perform Both Bookkeeping Services For Businesses...

And Bookkeeping Services For Individuals.


Welcome to AnswerSmart Bookkeeping Services! We are the leader in off-site bookkeeping and bookkeeping services. We provide thousands of businesses nationwide with the safety, efficiency and convenience of our off-site bookkeeping services. We donít undertake tax work. What we do is ensure that your financial records are perfectly maintained and up-to-date so you and your tax accountants have all the data you need to operate in reality. Our bookkeeping clients have total and accurate financial visibility into their businesses everyday. We take all the frustration and hassles associated with bookkeeping in-house out of the equation - so you can focus on growing your business!


How Does AnswerSmart Bookkeeping Work?

  • You find yourself unable to manage reams of bookkeeping and/or accounting and/or payroll paperwork and are in need of bookkeeping assistance.

  • You call AnswerSmart Bookkeeping Services at 877-883-8324. 

  • You speak directly with one of our bookkeeping services managers who will ascertain your needs.  He/she will then give you an estimate based on your bookkeeping requirements. 

  • AnswerSmart Bookkeeping then devises an accounting program that works for you.

  • We immediately get to the task of updating your books. This can be done on a daily, weekly, Monthly or Quarterly basis depending on your specifications.

  • When tax time comes around your CPA is presented with clean and up-to-date bookkeeping and can begin your audit work quickly and without delay.

  • You end up with complete peace of mind knowing that all your accounting and bookkeeping processes are being taken care of.


How Does AnswerSmart Bookkeeping Benefit Me?

arrowYou Save Money: We eliminate the need for expensive full time in house accountants. By using our Month End Bookkeeping and Full Charge Accounting plans you can streamline your bookkeeping processes so you end up saving money!

arrowComplete and Total Access to your Finance Records: When your hire our bookkeeping services you can rest assured that you will have complete support from our bookkeeping services managers who are always just a telephone call or email away. Compare this with an in-house accountant who will only be available for you during office hours.

arrow Simplifies Your life: Running a business while maintaining your financial records can be time consuming and chaotic. We take care of maintaining all your financial records so you can avoid the hassles of unpaid bills, bounced checks, piled high mail and lack of knowledge of your companyís finances.

arrow You ALWAYS have access to your records: With an in house bookkeeping itís like youíre always at their mercy. If your bookkeeper goes on sick leave, good luck finding a reliable replacement. If he/she goes on vacation, youíre again left with nobody to handle your finances. Plus if they decide to quit youíre faced with the unenviable task of having to hire and train another employee all over again. With Answer Smart Bookkeeping Services, you can rest assured that your books are being regularly maintained, come rain or shine.

arrow The Simplicity of a Paperless office: If you find yourself inundated with bills, receipts and tons of mail and find yourself unable to keep up, youíll benefit from our Document Library which safely and securely stores all your records and bills online. You can access these anytime you need to, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

arrow No Investment in office Hardware: When you hire an in house bookkeeper you canít just stop with the hiring part. Youíll need precious office space for a cubicle, set them up with computers, chairs and tables. With an off site bookkeeping service like AnswerSmart you eliminate the need for any further investment on your part.


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