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Frequently Asked Accounting Questions

How does the process work?

First we assign you a bookkeeping services manager. This individual is a trained professional accountant and CPA, with extensive experience handling accounting processes for small and medium sized companies like yours. Next you need to send us all your source files, i.e. the bills, receipts and other statements that we will need in order to begin processing transactions. Fax them to us, scan and email them to us, mail them across or simply use our mail receiving service that allows you to directly transfer all records to us.

Once this is complete, your bookkeeping services manager will begin the task of updating your books on a daily basis. If you want to check on the status of your books, just open QuickBooks anytime and you値l have full and easy access to your financial information.

At the end of each month we send you a group of financial reports that tell you the state of your company痴 finances.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 877-883-8324 to get started. Once we have evaluated your needs and created a customized package for you, we値l send you an engagement letter that details the services we池e going to perform for you and an invoice. Sign and send the letter back along with payment for the first month.

Next we値l need you to full out a simple questionnaire about your business. We値l need this information to create a more accurate accounting plan for you.

Once this is done, you値l need to send us your source documents- all the files that we need to begin processing your books. If you have any QuickBooks files, send us those too.

Now that all formalities are complete your bookkeeping services manager will contact you to set up an interview and will begin updating your books accordingly.

Do you do catch up Accounting?

Yes, absolutely! In fact many of our clients are behind in their accounts which is why they come to us in the first place. They want to remove all accounting hassles out of their lives so they can concentrate on developing their business. If your bills are behind just send us all statements, bills and receipts for the missing months and we値l take it from there. We値l bring your accounts up to date so you can have a clearer picture of your company痴 health!

Can稚 I just hire an In-house Bookkeeper?

If you can run a business and find the time to hire a qualified person, train him on the job, create office space for him, set him up with computers and hardware and furniture, and deal with all the hassles that are involved when he goes on vacation or takes sick leave, leaving you in the lurch.then sure, an in house bookkeeper is for you! However if like most of our clients you want to save money, time and energy by hiring an off site bookkeeping firm who will keep your books updated 24 hours a day 365 days a year leaving you free to concentrate o growing your business, then we are the perfect solution for you! Beside, there痴 always a danger associated with having a single person with complete access to all sensitive financial information. Our clients find that hiring our services makes them safe and secure knowing their financial information is in reliable and trustworthy hands.

AnswerSmart's clients find that our affordable and efficient accounting services, combined with the continuity, security, and reliability of working with an outsourced accounting solution, are a far better value than hiring an in-house person.

Aren稚 your services expensive?

When you hire our services, we give you an allotted budget for your bookkeeping. This means that you will never be slapped with a sudden hefty bill.  We’ll make sure that we stay within the budget allotted to us.  Our services are very affordable when you factor in the costs saved on hiring full time in house staff.  Every month we make thousands of clients happy by delivering them ready and up to date books at a price that doesn’t eat into their bottom-line.  For more information on how we can do the same for you call us at 877-883-8324 today!

Is it safe to have my bookkeeping done off site?

At AnswerSmart bookkeeping services we only make use of the most sophisticated security processes and technology to ensure that your financial data is in the safest hands. Your data is safer with us than with an in house bookkeeping staff. We say this with the conviction that comes from never having a single untoward security incident in all our years of operations. To set your mind at ease, read on about how we ensure maximum security for our clients.

AnswerSmart can only allow access to your records through logins. This ensures that accidental access to your financial information is impossible.

At AnswerSmart any communication that transpires between our client痴 web browser and our server is powered by 128 bit secure socket layer technology that ensures complete protection. This is the exact same technology that痴 used by major financial institutions around the country.

We make use of firewalls and other internets security measures between our data storage and the Internet. We add several other hurdles between the internet and our files so unauthorized access is eliminated.

We also use physical security around our servers like anti intrusion devices.

Our security processes are so through that they have been verified by the Better Business Bureau, and Trust-E.

To ensure your data is secure we make use of decades of experience in off site accounting and the most state of the art technology to prevent any security incidents.

I壇 like to start with your payroll services? How do I begin?

Just send us your company and employee history and payroll information. It痴 as simple as that! Just give us a call and request an evaluation of your payroll needs and we値l create a customized payroll package for you.

What if I want to switch payroll providers in the middle of the year?

No problem. As long as you have your payroll records, you can switch any time without any hassles.

Will the payroll information be entered into my QuickBooks® accounting software?

Of course! Your payroll processes will be entered into your QuickBooks files also. This will ensure that all your records are in one place.

Do you handle W-2s?

Yes, we do. At the end of the year we create w-2 records for you and your employees. Not only that, we also take care of filing then with social security administration.

How do you handle it if employees need their old pay stubs?

We致e got that covered too. All records are maintained in your Document Library for you to access payroll records and old pay stubs whenever you want. We致e tried to answer all your payroll questions on this page. If you don稚 find the answer to what you were looking for, please call us on 877-883-8324 and we値l be more than happy to address any concerns you might have!

Call 877-883-8324 today, or complete our Accounting Estimate Form for a free evaluation of your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll needs. We will discuss your specific requirements and tailor a proposal to your business.


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