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Personal Daily Money Management

At AnswerSmart, we also offer personal daily management services to clients.

If you

  • Are a busy person and need someone to take care of all your bills
  • If you own a small business and have connected business and personal finances
  • Are a senior or disabled person who wants help maintaining their own files
  • A frequent traveler who needs help with his finances
  • Need help with rebuilding credit
  • Simply want better control over your finances

Here’s what our personal daily management plan offers you:

  • We’ll open, store and organize all your mail
  • We’ll verify and pay all bills on time
  • We’ll balance your checkbooks and organize your papers
  • We’ll process any home payroll requirements you have, for ex. salaries for maids, nannies etc.
  • We’ll reconcile credit cards and your investment papers like your IRAs and 401 Ks
  • We’ll prepare a monthly personal financial statement for you
  • At the end of the year we’ll even put together a financial package for use by your tax preparer

How do you benefit?

arrow Simple. We’ll help you concentrate on meeting your financial goals. We’ll help you follow “pay yourself first” management.

arrow You’ll save hundreds of dollars on late fees, penalties or fines. We’ll make sure all your bills are paid in time so you don’t need to pay extra fines.

arrow We’ll help you improve your credit. Just six months of paying bills on time can help improve your credit rating significantly. So if you have bad credit hiring our services may be the first step to an improved credit rating.

arrow We take care of your finances no matter what, giving you complete peace of mind.

arrow Through our complimentary mail receiving service, you can eliminate all traces of paperwork.

arrowYou’ll always have quick and easy access to your financial records through our Document library. No more rummaging through your drawers trying to find bills and receipts – all your records are safely stored online for you to use whenever you feel the need to.

arrowWhen your financial records are being maintained this efficiently, you’ll find it easy to stay within your budget. You’ll know the state of your personal finances and so are more likely to make efforts to resist extravagant and unnecessary spending.

arrow You’ll save time! We take care of all bill processing and payment, opening and processing of your mail and balancing your checkbooks so you have more time to get on with life!

arrow You’ll have greater clarity regarding your personal financse. This will help you have a greater understanding about your present condition and your financial outlook for the future.

Call 877-883-8324 today for a free evaluation of your personal financial management needs.


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