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Bookkeeping Services

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How It Works

Getting started on our bookkeeping services plan is easy.

Just send us your source documents. You can do this in one of 4 ways.

  • Fax them to us at a special toll free number that’s created just for you
  • Scan and email them to our secure mail.
  • Mail them to us
  • Send them directly to us through our Mail Receiving Service after which your documents will be stored in our personal Document Library.

Once we receive your documents, your bookkeeping services manager we’ll begin processing them.

We begin the process of up dating your books

We use software like Peachtree, QuickBooks to process your records. Your bookkeeping services manager will process all files according to your specification. Files sharing can be done in a number of ways.

We hand you back your up to date books

For this you can access your account by using a secure login and see your records. This means that you have access to your books 24/7 365 days a year.

At the end of each month we provide you financial statements so you know the status of your bottom-line.

Call 877-883-8324 today, or complete our Accounting Estimate Form for a free evaluation of your needs! We will discuss your specific requirements and tailor a proposal to your business.


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